Why Does My Dog Lick Their Crotch?

Dogs can get angry. Especially when you have company over for dinner and they decide to lie down and lick their crotch. As your company looks the other way, you will not be able to think why your dog is doing this and if it is good.

Crotch crotch is a perfectly normal dog behavior in most cases, but it can also be a symptom of a health problem. Read on to learn more about why your dog knows his secrets and when the behavior is cause for concern.

Dogs Lick Their Crotch to Stay Clean

Although we associate boring grooming with cats, dogs also lick themselves clean. They will lick their hands, feet and body, why not their crotch? They have to keep their private parts clean of dirt and secretions, and they don’t use toilet paper as their power source, so their tongue is the way to do it. Also, dogs don’t have that barrier. They are not ashamed to shape their crotch regardless of who is watching. If it needs cleaning, they will do it. The barrier is ours. Accepting your dog’s behavior as a grooming behavior will help put him in perspective. And if your dog chooses an inappropriate time to lick, such as when your in-laws are visiting, redirect your child to another activity, such as trick-or-treating or using something.

Reasons for Excessive Crotch Licking

Normally, your dog will only need a few licks to clean his private area – a quick dressing after a bad urine or stool. Anything else can indicate a number of health problems. Some conditions that can lead to excessive crotch itching include:

Urinary tract infections. As in humans, urinary tract infections can cause discomfort and frequent urination. The infection can be in the intestines, upper urinary tract or kidneys. Antibiotics are important to get rid of the bacteria that cause the disease.

Allergies. Food or environmental allergens can cause rashes and irritation, and your dog will be even more sensitive to the genital area. Breastfeeding can be an attempt to stop the burning skin. Avoiding the allergen will prevent the problem, but if it cannot be avoided, medication can provide relief.

Yeast infection. Yeast naturally lives on your dog’s skin and his intestinal system, but what outbreaks cause itching yeast infection. Other parts of the body are often infected – ear infections are common – but the genital area can also be affected. Oral and topical treatments can solve the problem.

Impacted anal glands. Dogs have two muscles, one on each side of their intestines. These bones often have strong bowel movements, but can be blocked, causing swelling, pain and infection. A professional can flush the glands with prescribed medications.

Vaginitis. Animals that are not damaged can suffer from inflammation of the penis or urogenital tract, which will make the penis area red and swollen. Vaginitis that occurs before puberty will usually go away after the first summer, but the treatment will depend on the cause.

Signs that Crotch Licking Is Cause for Concern

Any of the above health problems can cause excessive crotch licking as your dog tries to relieve the discomfort. But you won’t know what your dog is biting until you visit the vet. In the meantime, if you think your dog is paying more attention to his crotch than usual, look out for the following signs and symptoms:

  • Swelling or redness in the genital or genital area
  • Repeated pain
  • Scooting or cleaning the area about power on the ground
  • Swelling or swelling in the genital or genital area
  • Bad smell from the crotch
  • Discoloration or lightening in the crotch area

Once the underlying condition is treated by a veterinarian, crotch licking will stop. And if your vet gave your dog a clean bill of health and there are still problems with chewing, contact a dog breeder or animal behaviorist to help break your dog’s embarrassing behavior.

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