Tips for Success with Fresh, Chilled Semen Breedings

Artificial insemination has been done for many years, but the ability to freeze sperm and cold in the ship it has changed significantly the ability to plan matings with significant success. Vaginal, transcervical and surgical insemination are now the standard for many farms, but now it is possible to successfully breed with semen from almost anywhere in the world, reducing stress for wild animals and the cost of movement for the herdsman. Dr. William Schultz, a well-known meat production expert and member of the Society for Theriogenology, shares tips for success in whitewater and cold water farming.

Environment Of The Collection Area

In our clinic, we meet in an examination room so that the rider can get to know the room. We do not vaccinate or perform other procedures on the port in this room. The stud is brought into the room and given time to cool down in the nose. Large species are collected from the ground and small species are collected on the examination table.

In the living room, the collection point should be as far away as possible – sometimes a quiet storage area can be used. Keeping distractions outside always helps.

We use artificial grass for the collection. These are shaped cones with the ends cut off to allow a 15 millimeter centrifuge tube to be placed. The tubes can be changed during collection to separate parts of the semen. The long end of the cone can be bent outwards to adjust its length to fit dogs of different sizes.

Female teasers are very important and with some males it may be necessary to stay in heat. We’ve had inexperienced men who don’t release a portion of rich sperm without a persistent teaser. This can lead to an incorrect diagnosis of infertility. Avoid wearing white clothes and make the behavior calm, friendly and fearless. Assembly can be done on the floor or on a table, depending on the quality of the stud. If there is something the stud is associated with raising the baby, such as a mat or a blanket, ask the owner to bring it.

All ingredients should be at room temperature. Use a workbench that can be attached to 15 millimeter centrifuge tubes with docking rings. Cut the large end of the coat down, about 1 inch for large dogs (over 40 pounds) and 3-4 inches for small dogs (under 40 pounds). It is not recommended to use lubricants, because it is rarely necessary and many people have spermicidal. Have three or five extra disposable cups on hand. To provide enough footing for the post, place a rubber mat or piece of carpet on the floor or table.

Using a Teaser Bitch

In almost everything, the teaser will make it easier to collect and collect volume. Only sperm completes fertilization, but it takes millions and billions of sperm to get there.

If there is no teaser, use swabs that have been used for vaginal cytology in previous bitches. We put the swabs in a bag in the fridge and let the man take the swabs. If you are using a female dog that is not hot, the pads should be wiped on the side of the power in the vulvar area to make the female dog hot. It is important to catch a female dog that does not run well because she may become aggressive if the male tries to push her.

If possible, have an estrus teaser female about stud size. A dog handler or handler must be available to support the female dog in a standing position and restrain her if necessary. If this is not possible, use an active female dog, which cannot be moved in a standing position. It may help to keep a few swabs of estrus secretions frozen. Wash them by putting them in hot water, then wash them in the vulva of the teaser soon. Usually, 30-50% more spam will be released when the right teaser is used. Most dogs can collect fodder without a female teaser, but good fodder is best when the teaser dog is in estrus and the stallion’s libido is at its highest. Another training tool is pheromone products.

The man is allowed to mix and match with the teaser before each collection attempt. A small number of owners and helpers in the house is also important to reduce the level of distraction. However, the real beast will not wait as long as the teaser is available. When you do the oil collection, make sure that the stud is as comfortable as possible.

Properly Collecting Semen

It helps to walk the man and allow him to urinate before collection. This should be done completely away from the teaser if possible.

With the female dog in position, bring the stud into the room. Let her know her surroundings, the female dog and you.

If the teaser should not be high, pay attention to this time it does.

I sit in a low seat to allow for quick maneuvers while letting the stud mount the bitch. Being close to the stud will allow the stud to be manipulated while still being close enough to work with the cap for assembly. It is important to have enough space to allow the dowel to move up and down during assembly.

Let a man ride a horse. As she begins to push, use one hand to gently massage the sheath beforehand. If the man shows little interest in the female dog and does not mount, you can massage the sheath to stimulate an erection. When production appears, pull the sheath behind the glandis bulb. At the same time, on the other hand, turn on the work on the testicles under the glandular bulb. Be careful when considering the sheath that a man does not have a bulbus glandis. It is very painful, if not possible, to restore the sheath after breaking the glandular bulb. If necessary, the man can be removed from the room and move around until the glandular bulb is down, then try to collect again. In some aggressive studs, it may be necessary to cover part of the bulbus glands with the sheath and take the sample. Reposition your hand, applying gentle but firm pressure near and including the glandular bulb. You can use the other hand to stimulate the caudal part of the testicle in relation to the glandis bulb. Most dogs will turn on first, fit in the entry. They reach the perfect design that fits the “tie” that will try to slip the dog into your arms. You can help the animal by lifting its legs up on your arm and turning its legs 180 degrees, so that it points back between its legs.

You should be able to see the semen flowing in the clear tube. Most dogs ejaculate in three parts: a clear or slightly cloudy first layer, a sperm-rich part (SRF), and a clear part of prostatic fluid. The first clear fractions are released during the solid phase. SRF should appear as a large white, clear liquid, which is usually released as a strong impulse stops and the stud continues. In some studs, the SRF can be pure and the volume can vary from ½ to 10 cubic centimeters. Prostate drainage comes in a variety of forms. When the SRF was released and the first prostate fluid was seen, the collection was stopped. Change the tube attached to the artificial hood during collection to separate the particles. If there is no centrifuge available, it is necessary to separate the body. After microscopic examination, the contents of the tubes can be quickly changed, if necessary. Make sure you have collected all SRFs before stopping. It is not necessary to collect all three parts; Save well to check for abnormal cells, bacteria, etc.

It is very important to make sure that the product is cool after collection. During the winter, it is possible to get cold and the man should not leave it on a cold day when it is being built. Stopping the stud after assembly will reduce the time it takes to lose the stud. If the testicles are dry, you can apply an ointment at this time. Make sure that the testicles turn well into the sheath before putting the dog in the box or with other dogs.

Storing And Chilling Semen

If the new oil is not going to be used for several days, it can be added to the separation solution and extender. Spam is also called stretching and is placed in a beaker with water and placed in a refrigerator at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The purpose of the water bath is to prevent the sample from heating up and cooling down quickly if the refrigerator is opened. Our refrigerator stays at a constant temperature of 40 degrees while most refrigerators turn on and off with temperature changes of 5 to 8 degrees. Thanks to this method, we managed to save oil for three weeks for mating. The fluid is checked every two to three days and the exercise is changed if necessary to maintain mobility at the best level.

When Should Insemination Be Performed?

Once LH surge is detected in a female dog, read on to determine the fertile window. The day of LH surge is referred to as zero day. Days 4 to 7 after LH surge is the ideal fertile window, with fertility peaking on days 5 and 6. We do a cervical or transcervical culture on days 3 and 5 after the progesterone surge or LH surge, with a frozen semen culture on day 5.

Due dates may vary depending on the breeder used for the birth. The chances of successful fertilization are improved by properly planning for inseminations.

Dr. Schultz is a well-known expert in canine reproduction. He received his DVM from Michigan State University in 1973, went into private practice, and opened his veterinary practice in the fall of 1974.