5 Habits That Hurt Your Dog

Bad Habits That Hurt Your Dog

We do everything we can to keep our fur babies safe, but there are five things you’re doing that might be… putting your pup at risk.

We know you don’t do this on purpose, we would never intentionally hurt our pet friends, but it’s good to be aware of anything we can do that could affect our dog or other people. again. So let’s not wait here to get to it. The first seemingly harmless behavior you can have that can put your dog at risk is skipping human food. 5 Habits That Hurt Your Dog

Leaving Human Food Out

We can’t keep a close eye on our puppies 24/7, so we have to be careful not to leave food, especially potentially poisonous food, where they can get into. Non-Bueno toxic foods or foods for your puppy include but are not limited to chocolate (which we all know by now), citrus fruits, coconut and coconut oil, grapes and raisins, macadamia nuts, dairy products, all kinds. raw or undercooked meat, salty snacks and yeast dough…

All of these foods can cause stomach upset or even scary symptoms in your dog, so it’s best to keep your breed under supervision or keep your dog safe.

Feeding Your Dog A Rawhide Bone

The second thing you can do that puts your dog at risk is to give him rawhide bones. We know you’re trying to keep your pup happy and active… plus they sell them at almost every pet store so they don’t have to -hurt, can they? fake. Many dogs are really sensitive to rawhides and biting them can cause stomach upset. Not to mention that biting them can cause your dog to break bones into small pieces, which can be really dangerous. There are many ways to treat your puppy with chips…we don’t want him to choke on those chips. 5 Habits That Hurt Your Dog

Walking Your Dog Off-Leash

The third thing you do is let your dog walk with you…off the leash. We’re sure your dog is the best trained dog ever and the perfect listener… until… SQUIRREL. Although we think of our pets as our children, at the end of the day, they are still animals and have ancestral instincts that go back thousands and thousands of years. Therefore, when your puppy is well and the heel is gone, you will not be able to tell if there will be an animal that he wants to chase or in fact if there is a litter or is … remember … food that kills the soil. and they can go up before saying “no!”

Keeping Cleaning Products Within Reach of Your Dog

The fourth habit we want to improve… in you, not your puppy… is the best epidemic-prone one: cleaning.

Maybe you’re cleaning germs or even cleaning your kid, but when you’re done, clean yourself and get rid of those harmful chemicals. These people may even have a taste for dog food, so much so that they will want to lick it off or put the dishwasher pods in their mouths, just like we should tell teenagers who have dishwasher pods. so they don’t eat, keep them out of your dog’s reach. , so we won’t have the same fiasco with our puppies.

Not Picking Up Your Pooch’s Poop

The last act you can be guilty of is not picking up your dog’s poop. For what? We don’t understand. It’s not that hard. Pick it up! We know it can be bad, but the consequences of not taking it are worse. There are many diseases that are transmitted by poo such as roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, of course all worms… parvo, giardia and many others. In addition, poo attracts mice, which can spread harmful bacteria further. So pick it up.