Pitbull German Shepherd Mix Facts

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

The German Shepherd Pitbull, sometimes referred to as the German Pit or German Sheppit, is a cross between two breeds that were each stigmatized due to the stigma attached to them. It is a hybrid of the American Pitbull Terrier and the German Shepherd.

Although it is not true, both parent breeds have a poor reputation for being violent. While they could have a more assertive disposition than other breeds, given the correct environment and training, they can also make wonderful companion companions that are very loving and lively. The result of crossing the two breeds would be a stunning hybrid with a perceptive, devoted, and loving nature. This dog would like spending time with the family and being around them.

Before adopting or buying a dog, it is imperative that you choose which breed is the best fit for you and your family. Learn more about the German Sheppit and decide if it’s the appropriate dog for you by reading on.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a German Shepherd Pitbull

  • Not the Best Dog for New Dog Owners- Maintaining a German Shepherd/Pitbull mix dog demands ongoing, consistent efforts to patiently train them. For this crossbreed, proper training, timely socialization, and daily exercise are essential.There can be no wiggle room; else, your dog can exhibit disrespectful behaviors. For instance, if this breed is not given enough exercise, it may develop a behavior of excessive barking and unwelcome chewing. So the German Sheppit is not the dog for a novice dog owner.
    The fact that the Pitbull German Shepherd is not the easiest dog to teach is another warning sign that prospective owners should be aware of. Although this hybrid may learn commands fairly quickly due to the incredible union of the athletic prowess and intelligence of its parent breeds, they are also intelligent and independent enough to take over if you exhibit any symptoms of weakness.It may be wiser to consider other breeds if you have no prior experience with dog ownership because training this crossbreed can be difficult.
  • Not Suitable for Living in a Small Apartment- Due to their high level of energy, German Shepherd/Pitbull mixes do not enjoy spending all day in apartments. These dogs require a large space to accommodate their high energy level because they enjoy moving around a lot. It is advised to have a backyard where he can play and run around unrestrictedly.
  • May Not be Ideal for Homes with Young Children- These dogs might possibly be the ideal breed for kids, however babies and young children need a lot of adult supervision. This breed lacks training, which makes it inappropriate for them to be near youngsters because they have a propensity to chew on everything and bark excessively. Additionally, young children should understand basic pet care for their four-legged family members.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Pitbull German Shepherd

1. Loyal and Loving Pet Companions

Contrary to popular belief, the Pitbull German Shepherd mix is actually an extremely friendly dog when properly raised. Even if they are capable of keeping themselves entertained, these dogs are great family companions because they still love to be around you. Due to their German Shepherd breeding pedigree, which was developed to guard and herd animals, they also have a strong protective disposition.

2. Excellent Guard Dogs

The German Shepherd and Pitbull, the two parent breeds, make wonderful security dogs. German Shepherds are a breed that can be intelligent, devoted, and overly protective. The fierce Pit Bulls, on the other hand, were designed to be fighting dogs and have a distinctive menacing aspect that helps keep strangers at distance.

The progeny of these two strong dog breeds make an excellent guard/watchdog because they bark only when necessary when properly taught.

3. Intelligent Crossbreed

Given that both of the parent breeds of the German Shepherd Pitbull are regarded for having high intellect, it is not surprising that the hybrid is intelligent. These dogs adapt to instruction and commands far more quickly than dogs of other breeds.
​​However, it’s crucial to keep an eye on them while they’re being trained because these dogs frequently display impressive leadership abilities and a drive to dominate. Controlling this kind of conduct is essential because if it becomes out of control, it may escalate into hostility.

Other German Shepherd & Pitbull Mixes

The most significant choice you can make is which dog breed best suits your lifestyle. Because the owner was negligent and did not conduct adequate research before selecting a dog that is not ideal for their lifestyle, tens of thousands of pets are abandoned or placed up for adoption every year.

Do you not think your lifestyle fits the Pitbull German Shepherd? One of the more than 50 well-liked Pitbull or German Shepherd mixes might be adopted.

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Pitbull German Shepherd MixBeagle German Shepherd Mix
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Appearance, Personality, and Traits of a German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix
WeightMale: 40-90 lbs.Female: 30-70 lbs.
Height18-24 inches
Coat TypeShort-medium sized coat; straight
Coat ColorBlack, white, grey, fawn, brown, tan
Amount of SheddingModerate
EyesHazel, brown, amber
NoseBlack, brown, Isabella
TemperamentLoyal, energetic, loyal and loving
Life Expectancy10-12 years
Kids FriendlyNo, unless socialized
New Owners FriendlyNo
Breed RecognitionDRA (Dog Registry of America, Inc.)

Most of the time, the German Shepherd Pitbull mix looks more like its Pitbull parent. It has a broad head and a short snout, but some may also have a longer muzzle like the German Shepherd. Because its coat is shorter, it likes living in hot places. Shedding happens all year, but it’s not a big deal. Overall, the German Sheppit’s body is strong and slim.

Because the parents of this crossbreed are known to be bold and strong, you should know that this dog is not for everyone. If this crossbreed is handled right, its natural tendency to be aggressive can be taken away. Even though he has a bad personality, the Pitbull-German Shepherd mix is a very loyal and loving dog toward his family. With the right training, this breed can be great around kids, making it a great choice for a family pet.

Grooming Your German Shepherd mixed with Pitbull

Compared to other dog types, the Pitbull German Shepherd is pretty easy to keep clean. He needs low to medium care because he has a short coat and sheds a fair amount. You can brush his coat once a week, or three times a week if you are the kind of person who gets very annoyed by dog hair everywhere.

Your German Shepherd Pitbull should only get a bath when it needs one, like when its hair gets too dirty. Otherwise, it doesn’t need much water time to keep its natural oils and keep its skin from getting dry. Also, he doesn’t smell like a dog, so he doesn’t need to be bathed very often.

Make sure to clean his ears often because they tend to get dirty, wet, and full of germs. To keep his paws clean and healthy, you should trim his nails every few weeks.

Also, don’t forget to take your dog to the vet for teeth checkups to make sure he or she doesn’t have any problems. About 3–4 times a week, you should brush your dog’s teeth.

Pitbull mixed with German Shepherd Health Problems

This crossbreed can live up to 12 years if he gets the care he needs and leads a good life. Every type of dog is more likely to have certain health problems. As a dog owner, you need to be aware of these things so that you can take good care of your dog. It’s important to know that the Pitbull-German Shepherd mix could get sick with the following.

  • Hip dysplasia: The German Shepherd breed is genetically prone to this problem, and it is likely that it will pass it on to its children. The disease is marked by abnormalities in the hip joints, which can make the person walk funny and cause constant pain.
  • Atopic dermatitis: Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin disease that can be caused by things like pesticide-sprayed grass and mold spores in the environment. Make sure your house is clean to keep your dog from getting this disease. Also, watch out for more chemicals being used at dog parks.
  • Skin irritation: The Pitbull German Shepherd is prone to skin irritation, which it gets from the Pitbull side of the family. Their skin is more sensitive, so when bugs like fleas and ticks bite them, it can hurt a lot.

German Shepherd Crossed with Pitbull Food Requirements

The Pitbull German Shepherd is a big breed, so it needs a lot of calories. Usually, it would be enough to feed him 3–4 cups of good quality dry food and a healthy cooked diet every day.

An active breed like the German Sheppit needs a well-balanced food that gives it all the nutrients it needs, including enough protein and calories. On average, a male German Shepherd Pitbull needs between 1200 and 2700 calories, while a female needs between 900 and 2100 calories.
When choosing the best way to feed your dog, think about the following high-quality foods:

  • Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Puppy Health Dog Food: This is all-natural dog food that is perfect for your German Shepherd puppy. Lamb meal, chicken meal, and ground brown and white rice are the main things in it.
  • Precise Holistic Complete Large Breed Adult Formula: The amounts of phosphorus and calcium in this food are made to match the needs of full-grown dogs. It is the best organic food choice because it is mostly made of oatmeal, ground brown rice, chicken meal, and chicken fat.
  • Purina Beyond Grain-Free Adult Canned Dog Food: This is the best choice if you want to feed your dog without grains or gluten. It is made from natural products that have been mixed with extra minerals and vitamins. Its main parts are meat items made from chicken, real beef, and salmon.
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness: Blue Buffalo Wilderness is the right choice if your Pitbull or German Shepherd has food issues. It is a turkey and potato meal with kibble that is high in antioxidants. There are no grains in it. This dog food is made to help dogs avoid food allergies while giving them the most nutrition possible.
  • Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient: This dog food has few ingredients and is made for dogs with sensitive stomachs. It has a single source of protein (high-quality lamb as the main ingredient) and an easy-to-digest starch. It doesn’t have any fillers or extra ingredients.

Visit your dog’s vet to make sure that your German Shepherd-Pitbull mix is getting the best nutrition it needs. The vet can tell you what kind of food is best for your dog based on its size and health.

If you are looking for the best food for your best friend, our ideas for the best dry dog food will be very helpful. Check out the Wellness Core Dog Food, the Dog For Dog Food, and the Nutra Thrive dog food vitamin while you’re here. Don’t think about taking the worst dry dog food into your home. It won’t help your dog in any way.

If your dog is still a puppy, you should look at the best types of puppy food. Dogs that are older and have gray coats need to eat differently. The best senior dry dog food brands give them a well-balanced diet, so it’s best to stick with those.

Your dog has traits from both of its parents. So, you could also think about getting the best dry dog food for small dogs or the best dry dog food for big breeds. Check with your vet before making any big changes to your dog’s food.

Pitbull Crossed with German Shepherd Exercise Requirements

Because the Pitbull German Shepherd mix is an energetic and active dog, if he becomes bored, he may become destructive. This breed prefers engaging in physical activity because they appreciate being active. It is advised to work out with him for at least 90 minutes each day.

Their exercise requirement must be met; it is not merely a recommendation. This breed may develop a tendency of aggressive and destructive behaviors, including as excessive barking, undesired chewing, and digging, if not given enough exercise.

Exercises that stimulate the mind should also be a part of your regimen to prevent boredom and enhance social connections. Dog toys with interactive features are available for your pet.

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Training

If you’re thinking about getting a German Shepherd/Pitbull mix, you should be aware that when it comes to doing the right training exercises, this dog can be a little bit stubborn. Although it is true that their parent breeds were notable for their high levels of intellect, you should be aware that training them might be challenging. Because of this, this crossbreed is most definitely designated for more seasoned dog owners and is not recommended for beginners.

Because the German Sheppit enjoys serving as the pack leader, it’s critical that you create a training program specifically tailored to him. The main guidelines that owners should follow when training this crossbreed include being patient, paying attention, giving extra time, and using positive reinforcement.

Here are some pointers for training your pitbull-and-german shepherd mix:

Start Training Them When They Are Still Puppies:
It is strongly advised to start training your German Sheppit young. This is so that as it gets older, your dog won’t pick up undesirable tendencies by learning the right manners early on. Keep in mind that your pup is still young and that its body may still be vulnerable when you train him. But after a year or two, you can quicken the pace.

Additionally, remember that an experienced trainer is preferable to a beginner trainer. You must project strength and authority. If not, this dog will try to rule you. The German Sheppit puppy should be handled gently but firmly.

Use Reward-Based Training: Despite the fact that this mixed breed has a propensity to become stubborn, refrain from using drastic measures. Instead, train him with positive reinforcement, which he will undoubtedly enjoy because he is a clever dog. He can end up not appreciating you as a leader if you use negative punishment-based training.Make rewarding him anytime he behaves well a regular practice. Put in place easy-to-follow guidelines, and in return, reward them with sweets and praise when they follow them. Your German Sheppit will be trained consistently using a positive training approach, and you’ll get friendly, obedient pet companions as a result.
Socialize Them When They are Young: Any responsible dog owner should include proper socialization in their training regimen, especially for breeds like the Pitbull German Shepherd mix that are vilified as being members of an aggressive breed. To improve his feeling of acceptability, it is advised that you socialize your pet dog early on and make sure he interacts with other animals as well.It has been demonstrated that socializing puppies early in life prevents puppies from later acquiring aggressive, anxious, and afraid behaviors. Although socializing your dog appears simple, it takes time. Simply expose new individuals and situations to your dog and desensitize them. You could attempt the following:

  1. Puppy classes
  2. Neighborhood walks
  3. Playing at dog-friendly parks
  4. Make him attend doggy daycares

The aforementioned activities make sure that your dog interacts with a variety of other dogs and humans as well as in various surroundings, including interactions both on and off leash.

Include mental training exercises in your programPitbull/German Shepherd mixes are bright dogs, and they require mentally challenging activities to prevent the development of aggressive and other undesirable traits. Activities that stimulate the mind can take the form of games or puzzles.

German Shepherd Pitbull and Families

The German Shepherd Pitbulls are highly devoted, affectionate, and friendly toward family members, making them a wonderful choice as a family pet with constant, proper training, exercise, and socialization. Given that its parent breed, the Pitbull, was once renowned as a nanny dog, this crossbreed may even be the ideal breed for kids.

Make careful to appropriately introduce your Pitbull German Shepherd puppy to young children and educate them on the fundamental do’s and don’ts of caring for a family pet. Young children, especially those under the age of eight, may play rough with dogs and unintentionally exhaust or agitate them, causing the dogs to react aggressively. Your four-legged family members should also be trained to love and respect all other family members.

This dog enjoys spending time with you and your family. Because of this, it is not a good idea to leave them alone for a lengthy amount of time because they have a hard time adjusting to being alone. It is not advised to leave them alone for longer than three hours because they get bored rapidly. As a result, shower your German Shepherd/Pitbull mix with love and care and you can expect nothing less in return.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pitbull German Shepherd Mix:

  1. What is a Pitbull German Shepherd Mix, and what are its characteristics?
    • A Pitbull German Shepherd Mix, also known as a Sheppit or German Pit, is a crossbreed between a Pitbull Terrier and a German Shepherd. This hybrid dog inherits traits from both parent breeds. They are generally medium to large-sized dogs with a muscular build, a strong and agile body, and a loyal and protective nature. The specific characteristics of an individual Sheppit can vary depending on the traits inherited from each parent.
  2. What is the temperament of a Pitbull German Shepherd Mix?
    • The temperament of a Pitbull German Shepherd Mix can vary widely, as it depends on the individual dog and the traits inherited from its parents. However, both Pitbulls and German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and protectiveness. Sheppits are often loving and devoted to their families, and they can be excellent watchdogs. Early socialization, proper training, and regular exercise are crucial in shaping their temperament and ensuring they grow up to be well-rounded and balanced dogs.
  3. How do I train a Pitbull German Shepherd Mix?
    • Training a Pitbull German Shepherd Mix requires a consistent and positive approach. Both Pitbulls and German Shepherds are intelligent breeds that respond well to training when done in a patient and reward-based manner. Start training your Sheppit from a young age, focusing on basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and leash walking. Socialization is also essential, exposing your dog to various environments, people, and other animals. Consider enrolling in obedience classes or working with a professional dog trainer to ensure effective training and to address any specific challenges that may arise.
  4. How much exercise does a Pitbull German Shepherd Mix need?
    • Pitbull German Shepherd Mixes are energetic and active dogs that require regular exercise to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. Aim for at least 60-90 minutes of exercise per day, which can include brisk walks, jogging, playing fetch, or participating in canine sports such as agility or obedience training. Providing opportunities for mental stimulation, such as puzzle toys or training sessions, can also help fulfill their needs. Keep in mind that individual dogs may have varying exercise requirements, so it’s essential to monitor your dog’s behavior and adjust the exercise routine accordingly.
  5. Are Pitbull German Shepherd Mixes suitable for families with children and other pets?
    • Pitbull German Shepherd Mixes can be great family dogs when properly socialized and raised in a loving environment. However, it’s important to note that their temperament and behavior can be influenced by various factors, including genetics, socialization, and individual personality. Early socialization with children and other pets is crucial to ensure they grow up to be friendly and well-mannered around them. As with any dog breed, it’s recommended to supervise interactions between dogs and young children and teach kids how to properly approach and interact with dogs to prevent any accidental harm. When introducing a Sheppit to other pets, gradual and supervised introductions are recommended to ensure compatibility and prevent any conflicts.


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