Boxer Pitbull Mix Facts According To Pet Experts

Pitbull Boxer Mix

The Pitbull Boxer Cross is presently very popular, and it is not surprising given the rise of designer anines. What more could you want from an intelligent, devoted, active, and adorable dog?

Your dog is one of the earliest crossbreeds; it is a direct descendant of the American Pitbull Terrier and the Boxer, two breeds of fighting dogs that were traditionally utilized in bloodsport. Other names for the Pitbull Boxer mix include Pitoxer, Bullboxer, and Bullboxer Pit.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Pitbull Boxer Mix

  • Chewing, barking and digging – The Pitbull and the Boxer, the two powerful dog parents, were bred primarily to be used as working dogs. They chew, bark, and dig. Given this, it makes sense that your boxer and pitbull combination would need a lot of exercise. What if she doesn’t exercise enough, though? She has the potential to become irritated, which almost always results in negative behaviors like chewing, barking, and burrowing.

    You may utilize Any items you don’t want your dog to chew, including furniture, curtains, blinds, and shoes, can be treated with Natural Rapport Anti-Chew Dog Spray. This treatment uses a blend of safe substances that is unique to it, contains zero alcohol, and is so quick-acting that your dog wouldn’t want to stick its nose—er, mouth—where it wasn’t desired.
  • Aggressive behavior – If the Boxer and Pitbull combination isn’t socialization-trained, they could endanger other pets, strangers, and young children. He might not initiate a fight, but he won’t back down from a dog-on-dog brawl. He can’t be stopped until the other dog is really hurt.
  • Time and energy-consuming – Your Boxer Pitbull Mix would demand committed care and attention, which would take time and energy. Given its size and energy, the dog would need a lot of exercise. Take some time to think about your living situation as well; if you don’t have enough room for your dog to exercise, this dog isn’t for you.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Pitbull Boxer Cross

  • A wonderful friend – If you’re always looking for a trustworthy and caring friend, you made the perfect decision. The Pitbull/Boxer mix is renowned for being a wonderful companion dog who like to stick close to the head of its “pack” — You!
  • Exercise –Your dog is the ideal running partner; this should be enough motivation for you to get moving and workout as well! Her surplus energy will be used through vigorous exercise, making her more at ease and relaxed when you arrive home.
  • A watchdog –The boxer-pitbull mix takes its role as a diligent watchdog and a fiercely devoted family protector very seriously. Your dog, who is the offspring of two brave dogs, will protect you from any potential threats from intruders or attackers.

Appearance, Personality, and Traits of a Pitbull Boxer Combination

Just keep in mind that the Boxer-Pitbull hybrid can get certain traits from any of his parents. Therefore, it is impossible to foresee how it will seem or act or to predetermine how it will behave.

What your pet is most likely to develop in terms of look, personality, and attributes is listed below:

Weight60-80 lbs for male; 50-70 lbs for female
Height17-20 inches for male; 16-19 inches for female
SizeStocky and Short
Coat TypeShort, Straight, Smooth
Coat ColorBlack, Red, White, Grey, Brindle, Fawn, Blue, Brown, Tan
Amount of SheddingLow
EyesDark, wide, and round
EarsPointy with a slight droop or rose shaped
TemperamentIntelligent, lively, active
Life Expectancy10-14 years
Kid FriendlyYes, if socialized
New Owner FriendlyModerate to Good
Breed RecognitionACHC = American Canine Hybrid Club

Grooming Your Boxer Pitbull Mix

Given that it has a fairly short, smooth coat and sheds lightly, grooming the Pitbull Boxer combo is rather simple. Once or maybe twice a week brushing is advised to maintain loose hair strands. Natural skin oils are produced more quickly when you brush. You could also want to give him an occasional bath with a high-end shampoo made especially for active dogs.

Like with other dogs, it’s important to frequently check for wax accumulation in the ears and clear out any debris to prevent infection. To avoid splitting and cracking, nail clipping is equally vital.

Check out these items to make grooming simple and straightforward:

  • Paws and Pals Deshedding Tool – An effective yet delicate grooming tool with a stainless steel blade that penetrates your dog’s coat is the Paws and Pals Deshedding Tool. This brush is ideal for eliminating dandruff and loose, unhealthy hair to help avoid matting. It leaves a soft and lustrous coat and significantly decreases pet odor and shedding. For maximum control without strain or fatigue, an ergonomic comfort-grip handle was created.
  • Hartz Groomer’s Best 3-in-1 Conditioning Dog Shampoo –This wash effectively removes dirt and debris from your dog. Additionally, this shampoo conditions and detangles, giving his skin and coat sheen, luster, and hydration. The aroma of a tropical wind is as rejuvenating as a trip to Hawaii.
  • TrizCHLOR Flush- To prevent bacterial infection, TrizCHLOR Flush is helpful for cleaning the ears, flushing, and irrigation of wounds. This product is designed to support healthy skin maintenance in animals with skin and ear disorders that respond to chlorhexidine.
  • The Safari Specialist –With The Safari Professional, which is composed of high-quality stainless steel for a durable and sharp cutting edge, you can keep your pet’s nails healthy and clean.

Boxer Pitbull Cross Health Problems

Sleeping Boxer Pitbull Mix

In general, the Pitbull Boxer Mix is a healthy mix, just like both of its parents. But they can also get sick, so it’s still better to keep them from getting sick than to treat them when they do. It’s always worth the trouble to be educated and aware of any possible health problems that could affect your dog. Here are some of the most common diseases that your Pitbull Boxer cross could get:

  • Allergies: Your Pitbull Boxer Cross may also have allergies. Trees, bushes, pollen, fleas, molds, dust mites, and food can all cause allergies. You can treat Antihistamines can be used to treat allergies, but shampoos made for sensitive skin should be used to treat skin discomfort.
  • Hip dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is a problem with how the hip joint forms, making it unsteady or loose in its socket. Both of the parent breeds have this problem. You might have trouble walking, running, jumping, or climbing up, among other signs. Hip dysplasia can cause pain and limping in the worst cases. Your Pitbull boxer mix’s joints will hurt if it gets too heavy, so watch what it eats.
  • Heart disease: The Boxer pitbull is prone to a heart problem called aortic stenosis, which is a narrowing of the aortic valve. This causes the heart to be put under too much pressure. Symptoms can include trouble breathing, feeling like you’re going to pass out or lose awareness suddenly, and heart failure. Chest x-rays, an ECG, and an echocardiology test can all be used to prove a heart murmur.
  • Cancer: Pitbull fighters are usually healthy, but they can get a type of cancer that grows quickly in blood vessel cells. This cancer is called hemangiosarcoma. Early start may not be possible to spot, but there may be signs like loss of appetite, weight loss, fast breathing, weakness, and abdominal swelling. This cancer can grow quickly, just like most other types of cancer that affect people.

    When it comes to your pet’s health, your vet is without a doubt the best person to talk to and get help from. If you notice any of the signs or symptoms, all you have to do is call or go to the doctor’s office.

Boxer Pitbull Combination Food Requirements

Start with your Pitbull Boxer cross’s food if you want to make sure it stays healthy and lives longer. Don’t give them the worst dry dog food, which is low in nutrients. Instead, give them only the best dry dog food. Finding the right food is hard in and of itself, because there are so many options on the market. Another hard task is deciding what to feed your pet friend. We gave you a list of things that are great for your Pitbull Boxer:

  • Dog For Dog Food
  • Wellness Core Dog Food
  • Nutra Thrive dog food supplement
  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula for Large Breed Puppy –The goal of the Buffalo Life Protection Formula for Large Breed Puppy is to keep your dog fit and happy. Real meat, yard vegetables, and fruit are used in the recipe, along with whole grains and LifeSource Bits that are high in antioxidants. It also has chemicals that help a growing puppy grow and develop in a healthy way.
  • Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dry Dog Food for Large Breeds – Give your Pitbull Boxer a real chicken recipe that is made to give large breeds a full and varied diet. Natural sources of chondroitin and glucosamine are the building blocks of healthy joints and cartilages that are good for movement. It is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that will keep you healthy and happy for life.
  • Iams ProActive Health Mature Adult Large Breed – It’s time to take care of your dog’s joints and bones with L-Carnitine and natural sources of glucosamine. This kibble for adult dogs of large breeds has Iams DHA Gold to help keep their minds sharp and alert and to support healthy cognitive ability. It is made with prebiotics to help the body digest food well and keep its defenses strong.

Pitbull Boxer Mix Exercise Requirements

For the majority of dogs, the typical recommendation is to begin training them at an early age. You must be quite cautious with your Pitbull/Boxer mix, though. Puppies of large-breed origin who exert too much energy while running or playing risk lifetime-ending injury. Until a puppy has reached a particular level of maturity, which can take anywhere between one year and 16 months, activities may be restricted to daily brief walks or play.

The amount of exercise needed each day will alter as it ages. A 60-120 minute workout should be plenty to keep an adult Pitbull fighter in good shape. They will flourish in a dynamic atmosphere because they are an extremely vivacious hybrid. A perfect house would have plenty of room for movement, both inside and outside.

Your pitbull boxer must be on a leash when exercising outside because certain states have limitations on Pitbull mixes like those. Additionally, using a leash will stop them from slamming into or jumping onto everyone they meet.

They enjoy nothing more than ambling about the city, the dog park, or even the mountains.

The weather is another crucial factor to take into account. Due to the lack of a second layer on their hair, Boxer pitbulls are sensitive to harsh temperatures. Your dog will require a raincoat during the rainy season to keep her warm and shield her from the rain. To avoid the sun’s damaging UV rays throughout the summer, it is best and more useful to take your animal companion outside in the morning or the evening. Sunscreen can be used, but goods containing zinc oxide should be avoided because they contain a toxin.

When you go out and about with your Pitbull boxer, you can bring the following items:

  • PetRageous Juneau Dog Coat – Protect your pitbull boxer mix from the elements with this durable coat that is completely wind and water resistant. The jacket’s solid print is extremely sleek and completely covers the chest. A secure and comfortable fit is guaranteed with the elastic leg straps and adjustable fastener. Additionally, the stitching is reflectorized so you can see your dog at night. The aperture of the collar also provides a practical way to attach or detach a leash, which is the nicest element of all.
  • Aspen Pet – Your large Boxer/Pitbull combo will have the freedom it deserves with the security and safety that the Aspen Pet containment solution provides, especially in public spaces. It has a galvanized cable and is covered in crack-resistant vinyl, so durability is assured. It ought to be capable of supporting up to seven times the weight of your dog. Perfect for keeping your pet under control while you’re outside.
  • My Dog Nose It! Coat and Body Spray – This product was made specifically to protect your dog from the sun’s damaging rays using only safe components. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are harmful to your pet’s health, are not present in its non-greasy recipe.

Pitbull Boxer Cross Training

The mix of Pitbull and Boxer is explosively stubborn, so it would be a good pet for someone who is strict and unwavering when it comes to training and socializing.

And as always, your dog will react and respond best to positive reinforcement, prizes, and incentives.

Punishment will never work, and most of the time, it will only make or make things worse with how someone acts. It is important to give your pet treats to support good behavior.

A well-adjusted dog will have been socialized and trained from the time it was a baby. Your Pitbull Boxer should be easy to train because they can understand what you want them to do.

To get their attention, though, you’d have to be tough, show him who’s boss, and make him listen to you.

We gave you a list of training things you can do with your petpal:

  • Behavior training: How do you teach him to stop screaming so much? Keeping at it will help you get what you want, but never yell at him, even if he keeps barking. Start by teaching the “Bark” order and what it means not to do. Also, let him learn other things to do besides bark. Remember that the goal is to give your dog a treat for being quiet.
  • Chores: Show him how to get your newspaper for you. If he already knows how to sit, stay, and bring you something, you’re good to go. Your dog should be ready for this if you play fetch with a toy or a ball. All you have to do is switch the toy for the newspaper and teach your Pitbull fighter how to get it, pick it up, or bring it back to you.
  • Fun Training: The Rollover game is one that is made for your big Boxer Pitbull. Start by teaching your dog to lie down, then teach it to roll over. Make sure you give the right prize for each action, and remember that practice makes perfect.

Pitbull Boxer Combination And Families

The Pitbull Boxer will get used to any family situation, especially if it is well-trained and socialized. If you have kids, be extra careful around them because of how active and sometimes wild they can be. You can learn how to deal with this kind of behavior through training.

Find out from your local government what the rules are about Pitbull mixes in your area. Find out if your Boxer-pitbull mix is not allowed or if it has restrictions.

You might also want to think about where your dog fits in, both in your home and in your life. Not only do they need a lot of room to move around, but they also need people who will take the time to train, socialize, love, and take care of them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boxer Pitbull Mix

Q1: What is a Boxer Pitbull mix?
A Boxer Pitbull mix, also known as a Pitoxer or a Bullboxer Pit, is a crossbreed between a Boxer and an American Pitbull Terrier. It combines the physical characteristics and temperaments of both parent breeds, resulting in a unique mix.

Q2: How big do Boxer Pitbull mixes grow?
Boxer Pitbull mixes are generally medium to large-sized dogs. On average, they can reach a height of 20 to 27 inches (51 to 69 cm) at the shoulder and weigh between 50 to 80 pounds (23 to 36 kg). However, the exact size can vary depending on the specific genetics inherited from their parents.

Q3: What is the temperament of a Boxer Pitbull mix?
Boxer Pitbull mixes are often known for their loyal, protective, and affectionate nature. They can be energetic, playful, and enjoy being part of a family. These dogs are usually intelligent and eager to please, making them trainable. However, early socialization and training are essential to ensure they grow up to be well-rounded and obedient pets.

Q4: Are Boxer Pitbull mixes good with children and other pets?
Boxer Pitbull mixes can be great companions for children and other pets when properly socialized and trained from a young age. They are generally affectionate and gentle with their family members. However, it’s crucial to supervise interactions between dogs and young children to ensure everyone’s safety and teach children how to behave appropriately around dogs.

Q5: How much exercise does a Boxer Pitbull mix need?
Boxer Pitbull mixes are active dogs that require regular exercise to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. Daily exercise should include brisk walks, jogging, playtime, and interactive activities such as obedience training or agility exercises. Providing at least 60 minutes of exercise per day is recommended to meet their energy requirements.