National Dog Walker Appreciation Day | Best Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Dog Walker

On September 8th, the nation celebrates National Dog Walker Appreciation Day. For those who don’t know, Wag! created “National Dog Walker Appreciation Day” to honour the men and women who log millions of miles every day walking to entertain and exercise the world’s four-legged pals.

Even though it may seem simple, walking your dog is not an easy task. Yes, it’s a wonderful time for you and your dog, but occasionally pet owners run out of time to walk their furry buddy or just cannot, so they typically hire a dog walker.

Although particularly energetic dogs may need more regular walks, most dogs need to be walked at least once a day to relieve themselves, obtain fresh air, and exercise. The breed, age, degree of fitness, health, and temperament of the dog all affect the length and frequency of walks. Don’t forget to give a professional dog walker a shout-out on their appreciation day if you employ their services frequently or infrequently.

Ways to Celebrate The National Dog Walker Appreciation Day?

They are always there to let our dogs out and simplify our lives, no matter the time of day or the weather. Our pets are kept secure, tidy, and content thanks to the diligent efforts of the dog walkers. So why not set aside a day to recognise their commitment to and thoughtfulness toward our furry friends?

Dog walkers, like those in all other professions, need to be recognised and valued for their assistance and support. There are numerous ways we might honour that unique day.

  1. To begin, give your dog walker a small present. This can be a gift card, a snack, an organiser, etc.
  2. You may possibly give them a card with a lovely quote on it or a thank-you note with a lovely layout.

3- Pay the dog walker a tip

4- If you utilise a platform or programme to discover dog walkers, be sure to give them a positive rating.

5- Use the hashtags #happydogwalkerday or #Nationaldogwalkerday when you post something on social media about them to express your gratitude.

6- If you walk dogs, mention your coworkers on social media and use the hashtags to promote the holiday.