What?! Dachshunds Help Humans Live Longer?!

How To Live Longer?  Eat Healthy Food, Get Enough Rest, Avoid Bodily Harm, Exercise, And Yes, Get A Dachshund!

Did you really just say get a dachshund? You did read that correctly. While dachshunds do not live as long as humans do (although they do live longer than the majority of dogs), they do offer numerous advantages while they are still here.

Studies have proven what many dog lovers have long suspected: having a dog pal actually increases your lifespan. One of the many lovely advantages of having a canine companion by your side is this. They are not only our furry friends, but they also greatly enhance our quality of life!

But how might your doxie contribute to your ability to live longer, you may wonder? Here are some examples. Learn more by reading on.

They Help You Get Exercise

Not only is it healthy for your dog, but walking your dachshund is also beneficial to your health. One of the best low-impact and simple exercises is walking. It is also economical.

Imagine how simple it would be to become a couch potato if you were home alone. However, if you have a doxie that you need to walk, you are happily compelled to get up and do it.

Making your doxie your running partner will also give you extra motivation to get out there in the morning.

They Help You Be More Outgoing

When did you most recently visit a park? Being in the park alone as an adult is less enjoyable. But when you have a dog or a puppy, the whole thing is different!

Or when was the last time you went hiking with your favourite dog companion? Something about your dachshund just inspires you to venture out and discover the world. Your sense of adventure is sparked by their characteristics!

You have probably seen pet owners and images or videos of them taking part in various activities together. Some people hike up mountains, surf, visit numerous beaches, and travel to new locations. Simply put, having your doxie by your side makes doing these tasks more enjoyable.

And you become happier, healthier, and more optimistic when you are more social rather than just remaining at home. All of them lead to increased wellbeing.

They Serve As Your Guardian

Your pets also act as your security guards, which is no secret. Although occasionally bothersome, its loud bark acts as an alarm and lets you know when someone tries to break into your house. Thus, Fido will bark and possibly bite potential burglars and thieves before they ever reach your home.

Perhaps you have previously read about dogs’ bravery. Yes, dogs make excellent guardians against both people and other animals. You’ve probably heard stories about dogs that have protected their owners from dangerous animals or poisonous snakes.

Doxies are naturally small and delicate to kick. Don’t undervalue the courage that gives them the ability to defend you with their force, though.

They Help You Socialize

Pet owners are more likely to meet new people with similar interests. The fact that your pets made pals in the park means that you most likely did as well. It should come as no surprise that dog owners find it simple to strike up a conversation with total strangers.

Having a doxie gives you a lot of great possibilities to meet new people. You can, for instance, join social media groups where the participants have a passion for dachshunds or dogs in general. Additionally, you might join relevant social clubs in your neighbourhood.

There is no doubt that having a doxie gives you many possibilities to interact with people. Even the most unlikely areas for friendship can be opened by them. You’ll be taking your dog to the pet store, the groomer, and the veterinarian, where you’ll meet lots of other pet owners.

According to studies, those who interact with others frequently have a lower risk of developing sadness and depression. They even create more dopamine and serotonin, which are joyful hormones. This results in a longer, happier life.

Final Words

You can find a similar conclusion in one of the Circulation journal’s publications as well. According to research, those with cardiac issues had a 21% lower risk of passing away.

Additionally, scientists discovered that having dogs helps individuals heal more quickly and completely from illnesses and injuries due to a variety of factors.

There you have it, then. Gratitude to your dog today. They certainly offer a lot more advantages than we initially believed.