Pitbull Poodle Mix Facts

Poodle Crossed With Pitbull

Pitbull Poodles Mix is ​​also known as “Boodle,” a medium-sized, loyal, easy-to-train, and family-oriented dog breed. With both the Poodle and the Pitbull, neither parent’s personality will show physically.

The poodle is known to be an intelligent and funny breed. These dogs adapt easily and are considered as the best companion dogs for adults and children. On the other hand, Pitbull is not the same breed. When you talk about pit bulls there are different types and it can be Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bully, American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pitbull Terrier. Compassionate people are known for their intelligence and willingness to learn, which makes them an incredibly obedient breed.

Having a Pitbull crossed with Poodles genetically makes the dog more adaptable and social, and their obedience makes them easier to train and handle. A mix of these two breeds may not show the same physical characteristics, but hybrid puppies carry the best genes each breed has to offer.

l3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get A Poodle Mixed With Pitbull

Pitbull Poodle Mix Facts
Pitbull Poodle
  • It is aggressive – There are two types of attacks on these hybrids: the dog type and the human type. Aggressive behavior in dogs is natural, but human behavior comes from how you treat or train them, which eventually comes out when they interact with other people.
  • It is overly sensitive. This behavior affects stress, loud sounds and voices, and tension. This can be a problem whenever there is a party at home or during a celebration that involves fireworks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year).
  • Tends to destroy things when bored. With bad behavior, your hybrid dog may chew on a shoe or two, or it may chew on the bed because of exhaustion. You have to train them and teach them repeatedly about it.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Poodle Pitbulls

Pitbull Poodle Mix Facts
  1. They’re non-aggressive.  Being aggressive towards people always depends on how you treat them at home. For example, you treat your dog with love and care at home. In addition to the beautiful environment they thrive in, they are compassionate and human-friendly pets.
  2. They’re smart and attentive and good at understanding body language, which leads to a better understanding between the two parties. They are also sensitive to any communication or statement that is easy to train.
  3. They’re easy to groom. And both parent dogs have soft fur, hybrids will give you an easy time when grooming.

Appearance, Personality, And Traits Of A Poodle Mixed With Pitbull

Weight40 to 70 lbs.
Height18 to 24 inches tall
Coat TypeDense, single coat
Coat ColorPossibly black, fawn, white, tan, brindle, blue, grey, silver, cafe-au-lait, cream, brown
Amount Of SheddingMinimal
NoseBrown to dark
TemperamentIntelligent, fearless, active, lively
Life Expectancy9 to 15 years
Kid FriendlyYes
New Owner FriendlyYes, but can be shy sometimes
Breed RecognitionNo

The Poodle pitbull mix makes a great family friend because of the wonderful combination of the two breeds. They are lively, friendly, playful and have a great desire to please their owners.

Although they are usually good with their friends (old or new), Pitbull behavior occurs when they are shy with new people, which can lead to violence. This behavior can be shocking as its owners are used to family behavior. Don’t worry, proper training will do wonders once your child knows how to behave around strangers.

Your hybrid dog should not be left alone because he may be scared and restless which often leads him to eat anything he puts his hands on. If it is long, other things and other damages are possible.

Poodle Crossed With Pitbull Puppies For Sale

Pitbull Poodle Mix Facts

Known for their build and temperament, the Pitbull crossed with the Poodle is a favorite among new dog owners around the world. One thing to remember is that although hybrids inherit important parts from their parents, weaknesses are also inevitable.

In general, hybrids are considered healthier than their purebred parents, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get diseases or illnesses that are common to all dogs. Be careful when choosing your pitbull poodle mix to avoid any health problems for your dog.

Don’t think about buying a puppy because of an advertisement online or if it is available at a pet store, because it will come from a dog breeder that focuses on raising large dogs. Some have begun to produce mixed versions. Note that the parents of hybrids and mechanical dogs are not well cared for and health is not a priority.

Finding a local, independent, small breeder is better than online ads or pet stores. Breeders will let you check everything you need to check before buying a puppy. From the living conditions to the nutrition and exercise each hybrid receives, service owners will not hesitate to present important information to potential buyers. Be sure to check the shelter, as well as the cleanliness of the dog’s area.

You can be sure that these breeders are loving parents because when you ask any questions about health or tests, they will – Be happy to introduce yourself and answer your questions immediately. Because like you, these breeders are more focused on the lives of the dogs than how much money they will make selling puppies.

Grooming Your Poodle Mixed With Pitbull

Pitbull Poodle Mix Facts

Raising a Poodle Pitbull mix is ​​usually an easy task, but it depends on the type of parents they follow. If they finish the Pitbull, washing the grass is not necessary, but it is done at least 2-3 times a week, to avoid updating dirt or fibers. If the hybrid is similar to the Poodle type, shedding is inevitable and you need to schedule a “massage time”.

Bathing is important but don’t do it. Frequent bathing doesn’t mean it’s 100% clean, but it makes your baby sick because you strip the hair of its natural oils and protection.

Don’t forget to cut his nails and clean his ears. If your puppy resembles the pit bull parents, be sure to check their ears regularly as the most common problem is ear infections caused by “unshed” cells. which captures and accumulates dirt.

Brush their teeth regularly even if they are bitten and take them to the hospital at the same time to ensure that your health habits are checked and corrected for your Pitbull Poodle mix.

Poodle Crossed With Pitbull Health Problems

Pitbull Poodle Mix Facts

A Poodle Pitbull mix will inherit healthy genes, but can also inherit diseases. Some conditions to look out for are:

  • Ear Infections: Bulls don’t shed much, which leads to dirt getting into the ears, so you should check and clean your puppy’s ears from time to time.
  • Heart disease: Dogs are prone to heart disease if the diet is not properly planned and planned. If you feed your dog table food, he has a good chance of contracting a foodborne illness. Choose dog food (pellets, soft meat, etc.) that is rich in nutrients.
  • Bloating: This is very common in different types. Bloating leads to gastric dilatation-volvulus if not treated immediately and can lead to death.
  • Hip Dysplasia: Poodles often have joint dysplasia, which is most common in the hip and pelvis area. This event occurs when the joint comes out of the hole, causing great pain for the hybrid.

Pitbull Crossed With Poodle Food Requirements

Pitbull Poodle Mix Facts

Be sure to watch and prioritize what kind of food you allow your dog to eat, as this will affect their longevity and health. Note the size and importance of each type it comes in so you can plan a specific diet for your hybrid.

Your Pit Bull Poodle is a medium-sized dog, so the portion size of the dog food should be measured so that your dog does not become overweight. Treats are good (for training too), but avoid making them a daily habit to lose weight. Make sure you choose low calorie snacks.

As an owner, you should carefully choose what you put in your dog’s bowl. Note the nutrients that are important to ensure a healthy diet. Always choose foods that are high in protein, because these are high energy dogs.

Be sure to avoid dog allergens such as wheat, corn, and potatoes. Your dog may also be suffering from skin diseases and it is best to follow the feeding guidelines.

If you look carefully, there are many high-quality foods on the market that you can feed your pitbull poodle mix. Here are some styles you can try:

  • Wellness Core Dog Food
  • Dog For Dog Food
  • Nutra Thrive Dog Food
  • Nut-Free Dry Dog Food: This is a protein-rich dog food that consists of raw food, kibbles, and dried grass seeds. Instinct prides itself on improving every dog’s clothing that stays in their dog’s food for any length of time. High energy dogs will benefit from all the protein that this brand provides.
  • Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Health Chicken, Chicken Food & Duck Food Formula Dry Dog Food: This gluten-free food is rich in chicken, zinc and manganese, which helps prevent joint diseases. It also has oat fiber for better digestion, as well as cranberries, blueberries and dried vegetables as antioxidants.
  • World Dry Dog Food: This product contains all the nutrients and nutrients needed for better digestion and growth. It includes chicken, fish and white fish. Antioxidants such as vitamin E, beta-carotene, fruits and vegetables are included to boost the immune system. Oatmeal, barley, brown rice and rye are included to aid digestion and L-carnitine to burn fat.
  • Horizon Complete Life Dry Dog Food: This product has been verified to contain no corn, potatoes, or tapioca to avoid allergic reactions. From the name itself, it is suitable for all periods of your dog’s life, it reduces the glycemic index, which helps to maintain sugar and balance your dog’s weight.
  • Holistic Select Adult Health Grain Free Boneless Turkey & Lentil Recipe: With zero recalls and award-winning products, Holistic prides itself on focusing on the dog’s cellular health when creating food. dog. Their products contain natural microorganisms that help digestion, consistent with the inclusion of lentils as a source of fiber.

Considering your beautiful mixed breed is a medium-sized dog, you can feed him either the best dry dog ​​food or the best dry dog ​​food – you may be surprised at what his parents eat. after that. ! Whichever type you choose, make sure it’s only the best dry dog ​​food because choosing the worst dog food can spell disaster for your dog’s health.

Also, keep in mind that your child’s age plays a role in his diet – children should be fed the best type of puppy food, and grandpa-dogos are more likely to find the best food.

Pitbull Poodles Exercise Requirements

Pitbull Poodle Mix Facts

Your boodle is a product of two different types: one is active and the other focuses on the intellectual side, so it would be best to choose equipment or toys that can move the body body, as well as training their minds and awakening them. mind.

Make sure you schedule time with your dog, whether it’s walking or running or playing in the park to ensure they have a healthy life. If you’re not the moving type, you can also choose to use a ball, Frisbee, stick, or any other chew toy.

The stretch doesn’t have to be a trip to the park or a long walk. You can also add a gym to your room. Try playing hide and seek or digging around your yard, anything to make your dog nervous.

Physical and mental exercise is important to avoid putting your boodle in an inactive state, which can lead to depression, fatigue and destruction. Do your best to plan any type of activity that will keep your pups physically and mentally active. To improve your exercise routine, here are some sports equipment you can buy:

  • Canine Hardware Chuckit! Classic Launchers: This is perfect for home pitchers. This product is also great for the power part of your swing, without hurting your arm from repeatedly throwing the ball.
  • FluffyPal Chew Toys For Puppies Small Dogs And Medium Dogs: This product is one-of-a-kind because it can be a teether that can remove tartar, a favorite toy, and it has a scent. vanilla flavor for every dog. lose. influence.

    Furry Fido- Interactive Toy Ball For Dogs by FurryFido:For the dog in your dog, this toy is perfect for teaching them how to be a “good boy/girl”. Once you drop the ball and your child chews on it, a treat comes out! Not only does it show your hybrid, but it also teaches you about the rewards and positive consequences when you follow the rules.
  • Hear Doggy! Flattie With Chew Guard Technology Ultrasonic Squeaker Dog Toys:  This new product works two ways: you won’t hear any noise, but your dog will reduce stress for you and increase enjoyment for your hybrid.

    With the right need for exercise, you can choose to specify the activities that will improve your physical and mental abilities. Make sure you have enough space for them to run and play.

Pitbull Mixed With Poodle Training

Pitbull Poodle Mix Facts

It’s possible that your hybrid’s intelligence comes from the Poodle parent, and the active personality comes from the Pitbull parent. So it can be difficult because you have to exercise both sides. Bulls exercise in pursuit of alpha status, which requires training that includes stability, confidence and strong willpower. The Poodle is an intelligent breed and can be difficult to train, so it needs more patience and understanding.

Always start training as soon as you have established what you want and need for your puppy. Train your puppies before they are 1 year old, starting with simple rules through to more difficult rules.

Here are some tips to make training your boodle easier:

  • Plan what you want to teach: To avoid confusion for your dog, make sure you have a plan for the commands you want your dog to learn. Otherwise, you may go from lesson to lesson without really getting it into your dog’s mind.
  • Schedule Shorter Sessions: the reason for this is to have a high attention span. If you feel that your hybrid is running out of time, reduce them to at least 30 minutes to an hour to ensure that you have their full attention.
  • Practice Positive Reinforcement:  The Poodle is an intelligent breed, he remembers when you praise him for doing something good. So remember to say how proud you are and give some treats during the event.
  • Try Socialization Training: Socializing is the Pitbull’s weakness. They tend to be shy and aggressive around new people, which may be the case with your boodle. You can visit the vet, ask for advice, or you can take them to the park until they get to know different people and different dogs.
  • Potty Training: This is an important form of training for almost all dogs. It saves you effort and money, and it reduces the stress of accidentally entering things you don’t want.

Poodle Pitbulls And Families

Pitbull Poodle Mix Facts

You don’t have to worry about your hybrid team reacting to family and close friends as long as you provide a good environment and give them the love and care they need to thrive.

Throughout history, pit bulls have been known to be dangerous and aggressive. But the truth is that it always depends on how they are raised and trained and are known as nanny dogs. On the other hand, Poodles need constant mental stimulation and socialization. The combination of the two types will always require social training.

Your Pitbull Poodle mix can be stubborn at times, but it is also easy to train. They are good friends, especially for children, so you don’t need to worry about aggression or feistiness. Make a habit of reminding your family members that your dog needs exercise, so you can decide who gets to walk it.

Having a large space is good for your dog’s respiratory system. Although the elderly in the family can train, it is also good to include children in the plan, because dogs always want to have fun and try something fun. The Pitbull mix and the Poodle are popular breeds among dog owners in the market, but they are also among the breeds listed for adoption. As a potential owner of this mix, it is your responsibility to learn about your puppy’s behavior in different situations, health problems, potential dangers, and how to raise him for his needs.


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