Man Fights Off Black Bear That Was Chasing His Dachshunds

On Wednesday, a homeowner in Daytona allegedly hurried to protect his Dachshunds from the neighbor’s dog.

But it was certainly not a dog. When he noticed it, a bear had just leaped onto the porch and was only centimetres from snatching up his weiner dogs. Walter Hickox leapt into action without pausing. All hell broke loose when he discovered it wasn’t a canine, but a bear.

A Black Bear In Search of Food

He forces the bear out of the house, as you can see in the video, but not before hurting himself. In response, the bear snaps and focuses on Hickox. His three Dachshunds, Piper, 5, Pickles, 12, and Pepper, 12, can be seen in the background. They are equally as anxious as he is. Additionally, you can hear him addressing Kerry Rubino Hickox, his partner.

The pair announced his impending rabies vaccination while also posting pictures of his wounds. Fortunately, none of their dogs were hurt.

Even while the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission claimed that bear attacks were “very rare,” with only 15 cases occurring in the previous 50 years, it was nonetheless unsettling for residents of Daytona Beach, including the Hickox family.

Another woman had been mauled by a bear before Hickox’s event. Unfortunately for her, she wound up in the hospital, and the bear was determined to be a menace to people and was killed humanely. When caught, the bear that attacked Hickox will suffer the same fate.

If you witnessed a bear chasing your Dachshunds, what would you do? Would you follow Hickox’s example? Post your comments with your ideas.