Husky Corgi Mix Facts According To Pet Experts

The Corgi Husky Mix, sometimes referred to as the Horgi, Siborgi, and Corgsky, is absolutely beautiful to behold. Do you want to know what it’s like to own a dog of this breed? I’ve treated dozens of Husky and Corgi mix dogs over my work as a veterinary technician, and I’ve spoken to their owners extensively.

Types of Corgi Mixes

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Corgi Husky Mix Facts

Average Corgi Mixes HeightRanges from 13 to 15 inches tall
Average Corgi Mixes WeightCan be as light as 20 pounds and as heavy as 50 pounds
Corgi Mixes Coat TypeIt may have a long and thick fur when the Corgi aspect is more dominant. It can be more dense, straight, and medium when it is more Husky./td>
Corgi Mixes Coat Appearance and ColorMay have a double coat which can be sable, red and brindle
Corgi Mixes Grooming NeedsMay require moderate to high grooming
Corgi Mixes SheddingExhibits seasonal shedding which can be moderately high to very high during shedding seasons
Corgi Mixes TrainingCan be trained easily through a firm and persistent approach
Corgi Mixes Exercise NeedsMay require a long walk every day coupled with playtime
Corgi Mixes Major Health ConcernsMay experience skin, eye and back problems, or more severe concerns such as epilepsy, DM, PDA, Von Willebrand’s Disease, obesity, and hip dysplasia
Corgi Mixes Life SpanCan last from 12 to 15 years especially when in good health
Corgi Mixes Average Price of a New Puppy:Cost may range from $300 to $800

History of Corgi Husky Mix

Husky Corgi Mix Facts

Both parent breeds originated in Europe and came to America sometime in the 1930s. While Huskies are recognized for their beauty, power, and vitality, Corgis are renowned for their small, little legs and large personality.

The first crossbreeding of Corgis and Huskies took place about 25 years ago, and it was a fantastic match! The Corgski is also seeing a rise in popularity as designer breeds gain prominence.

First generation Corgski hybrids are created by mating a pure male Welsh Corgi with a pure female Siberian Husky due to their different sizes. It can be risky to cross huge dogs with much smaller breeds, but making sure the mother dog is a Husky helps you avoid these problems and gives you a happy, healthy puppy!

However, most seem to favor the Corgi parent when it comes to size, but they typically have the eyes and ears of the Husky parent. Of all, as the Corgski is a hybrid breed, no one can truly predict exactly what they will look like. Getting a Corgi Husky mix that is second generation or later will help you have a better notion of how they will look. Each parent is a Corgski as a result.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that this cute dog cannot be registered with any well-known kennel clubs, such as the American Kennel Club, because it is a mixed breed. But don’t worry, the Corgski is still quite cute and lovable despite this.

The Corgi Husky Mix was actually developed expressly as the ideal partner. In addition, as we already indicated, they are perfect for taking a restful snooze curled up in your lap!

Corgski puppies typically sell for $650 USD, but depending on the generation, they may fetch $1000 or more. For instance, second generation and later sell for significantly more. Of course, there are lots of lovely hybrids in shelters and rescue groups, so you can locate a Corgi Husky Mix there for much less while also saving a life! When it comes to selecting the ideal Corgski to complete your family, there are a number of options to take into account.

The Welsh Corgi and Siberian Husky will then be extensively examined so that we can provide a clearer picture of the Corgski.

Husky Mixed With Corgi Grooming

Corgi husky babies shed just as their Corgi and Husky parents did. At least once or twice a day, especially during the shedding season, a Horgi will need considerable grooming. You will need to vacuum more frequently than usual if you have a Horgi in your home to handle its shedding. Additionally, you should brush it frequently, ideally every day. The Horgi is not advised as a pet for people who have asthma.

Horgi also need a decent bath. Shampoo should only be used during routine maintenance if the hair is extremely unclean. Its ears and teeth need to be cleaned twice or three times a week, and its nails need to be clipped regularly and correctly.

To produce a lustrous, smooth, and healthy coat on a Corgi Husky Mix, use a decent dog shampoo and conditioner. As a Horgi’s coat is water-resistant, bathing one might be exceedingly difficult. When the coat is too wet, drying will be challenging as well.

Any dog will experience discomfort if its nails are not routinely cut and become too long. You might need to clip a Horgi’s nails to prevent injury when walking. Because there are veins and nerves flowing through the nails, be careful to cut them properly. Cutting too much could harm the dog and result in its paws bleeding. Bring your Horgi to a professional dog groomer if you struggle to cut its nails.

The Horgi’s ears must also be frequently examined, and they must be cleaned with a damp cotton ball each day. The teeth can be cleaned twice weekly with baking soda and water paste or dog paste in the meantime. To brush the Horgi’s teeth, you can also use a soft child’s toothbrush, a piece of gauze, or a piece of nylon stocking wrapped around your finger. By brushing their teeth, dogs are less likely to lick themselves and transfer an infection to the rest of their bodies.

Cutest Corgi Husky Video

Husky Corgi Appearance

Due to its diminutive frame, the Husky Corgi is an adorable and miniature version of the Husky. In contrast to the short legs it inherited from the Welsh Corgi, it occasionally sports a grey and white coat with black accents and the long, curled tail that we associate with Siberian Huskies. Other qualities that you might anticipate from your Husky Corgi include the following:

  • Head: with a fox-like appearance and appearance.
  • Skull: large and flattened skull with the occiput distance greater than the distance above the center of the Horgi’s snout.
  • Eyes: eyes with almond-shaped pupils.
  • Ears: predominantly upright ears.
  • Forequarters: The forequarters are well-let down between the Horgi’s forelegs and have a reasonably large chest that tapers to a deep brisket. Because of its bones, a dog is typically heavier than its size, but not so heavy that it loses its agility.
  • Hindquarters: The stifle and hock should be somewhat angled on the hindquarters. Generally speaking, despite being a low, rather hefty herding dog, the Horgi’s hindquarters must possess sufficient strength to move itself effectively across difficult terrain.
  • Neck: a neck that is long enough to provide itself the best possible balance. The shoulders of the Horgi are clean and well-blended between, with a small bulge.
  • Body: body, with healthy rib cage growth.
  • Topline: Firm and level topline with a slight drop behind the shoulder to allow for the diminution of the body coat brought on by the animal’s thick neck coat.

Corgi Husky Mix Health Problems

Unfortunately, the Corgi Husky Mix is no different from other short-legged dogs in having back issues. Corgis frequently suffer from intervertebral disc disease, which is frequently managed medically but occasionally need surgery. It is best to confirm that the Corgi parent of your puppy has a clear medical history free of these conditions in order to avoid this. However, you may also assist by ensuring that your puppy has all necessary medical examinations.

It’s possible for Corgi Husky Mixes to become obese. Unfortunately, long, short-legged canines also share this characteristic. On the plus side, it’s not too difficult to solve this problem. Just give your Corgski the necessary amount of high-quality food. Your veterinarian can assist you with this, but generally speaking, your dog should consume 900 calories or so worth of kibble per day. And remember to take these extra calories into consideration if you use food as a reward for exercising!

Your dog will live a long and healthy life with you if you keep up with annual vaccinations, preventative meds like heartworm and tick tablets, and routine dental cleanings.

Corgi Husky Mix FAQ’s

What is a Corgi Husky mix called?

A Corgi Husky mix is commonly known as a “Horgi” or “Siborgi.” It is a crossbreed between a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Siberian Husky.

How much is a Corgi Husky mix?

The cost of a Corgi Husky mix, like any other mixed breed, can vary depending on factors such as the breeder, location, lineage, and demand. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for a Corgi Husky mix puppy.

How much should a Corgi Husky weigh?

The weight of a Corgi Husky mix can vary as it depends on the individual dog’s genetics and health. Generally, an adult Horgi or Siborgi can weigh between 20 to 50 pounds (9 to 23 kilograms).

Can a Corgi breed with a Husky?

In theory, a Corgi and a Husky can breed together and produce offspring. However, it is important to note that crossbreeding two different dog breeds can have unpredictable outcomes in terms of appearance, temperament, and health. Additionally, responsible breeding practices should always be followed, and it is advisable to consult with a veterinarian or a reputable dog breeder before attempting to breed dogs of different breeds.