How to Stop Your Dog From Digging Under the Fence

How to Stop Your Dog from Digging Under the Fence

If your dog is like mine, they are true Houdinis when it comes to escaping your planet. I have a dog who is a great escape artist. He loves to crawl under the fence, jump over the fence, or just push the wall, it drives me crazy.

If you have a dog like this, you should know these tricks to prevent your angry friend from digging under the fence. Before we look at that, let’s look at a few reasons why your puppy might be trying to escape.

Why Is Your Dog Digging Under the Fence?

There are many reasons why your dog may try to escape from your yard. To learn how to stop a dog from digging under the fence, you need to find out why. Let’s look at a few:

Dogs Dig Holes for Entertainment

If your dog is digging under the fence or in your flower bed, he may be doing it because he is tired and looking for fun. This is especially true if you leave him alone for a long time or if he is not rich. Your dog may be looking for entertainment if you keep him in an environment where there are no toys for him to occupy himself with. This is often the case with puppies who have unlimited energy and are always looking for something to do. It turns out that your dog loves to play too!

Your pooch may also be one of the many dog ​​breeds, such as some terriers or beagles, that are bred to dig. This means that it is in their nature to dig holes, bury themselves in the ground and bury bones, toys or even food. For some dogs, it’s their job, and they hope to be good diggers.

He’s Hunting After Prey

Many dogs run after predators and critters such as small rodents or even insects. Some dogs have strong instincts – beagles and dachshunds are examples – and they will stop at nothing to get what they are chasing.

In this case, digging is usually concentrated in one area, such as under a tree or plant. They don’t really try to escape from the camp, but it can happen if they dig in the wrong place.

He’s Looking for Attention

Your dog needs mental stimulation. If he is provoked, he will often dig a hole or try to run away just to get your attention. Sometimes bad attention is better than no attention at all. When he does, he usually even plays in front of you. He lets you know that he wants you to spend time with him.

Your Dog’s Digging to Escape the Yard

In fact, one reason your dog may dig is simply to escape. This does not mean that he is not happy at home, but he may see dogs or other animals outside the yard or he may want to wander. This is a common practice for digging if your dog is not poisoned or poisoned. A shy dog ​​will be attracted to other dogs when looking for a mate. Some male dogs have even been known to jump out of windows to get to hot female dogs. In addition, 70-76% of dogs come from men who are not interested! It can be a real handicap for you if your “bad” dog escapes into your yard. Another reason you may want to run is if your dog has separation anxiety. For many dogs who like their owners, it is difficult to separate them and they can suffer from many symptoms related to this separation anxiety that they feel when you are away. So what can a dog owner do to stop their best friend from digging?

Strategies to Stop Your Dog’s Digging Behavior

As a good pet owner who wants to protect their dog, you want to stop your best friend from running away and you can have a beautiful garden!

There are several initiatives sponsored by the Humane Society to help you do this. Before we learn how to stop a dog from digging under a fence, let’s take a quick look at what’s wrong.

What Doesn’t Work

Punishing your dog when he misbehaves doesn’t work. He cannot connect why you are torturing him to what he did in the past. Even showing him what he did while you are punishing him will not work.

A dog’s mind does not work that way, and you can make the situation worse by causing your beloved friend anxiety. It also won’t work to try to fill the play pit with something like water or tie your dog to the side of the hole it has dug.

A dog will not associate its digging behavior with these methods. The best thing to stop a dog from digging under a fence is good support.

How to Stop a Dog From Digging Under a Fence: What Does Work

Now that you know what not to do, let’s look at some things you can do that will benefit you.

  1. Figure Out Why Your Dog’s Digging
    The first thing you need to do is understand the reason for your dog’s behavior. Is it one of those dog breeds that digging is part of its nature? Is he young and has a lot of power? Do you have separation anxiety when you leave? Or is he trying to escape for some reason?

Once you know why your dog digs under the fence, you can take appropriate steps to resolve the situation for everyone’s benefit.

2. Set Up a Digging Zone
This works especially well if your dog is a natural dancer and the usual restraints don’t work. With this strategy, you give him a place to dig and a place where he can’t escape. That way, he has an outlet for his behavior, and you can still protect him. You can teach your canine friend where to dig by covering the digging area with loose dirt or a sandbox. Then, bury things like toys or other safe things in the dirt for him to find. When he found them, he praised him greatly.

If your dog digs where he shouldn’t dig, tell him, “Don’t dig! Loudly or loudly. Then take it straight to the mining site and praise it for digging there.

You can also make the areas that shouldn’t be dug look unsightly by doing things like covering them with chicken wire or large rocks. Once he knows where his digging is, you can remove the covers and restore your landscaping to its original state.

  1. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise

If you think your dog is in need of a treat, you should make sure he gets enough exercise. You should walk at least twice a day and accompany him with an active toy such as a Frisbee. It may also be a good idea to contact a dog trainer and train your friend to do different tricks or activities. It makes him relax, and if he is a young dog, he helps burn some of that excess energy. When you’re away, make sure your dog has a safe toy or treat to keep him occupied. This gives him something to do besides digging under the fence or in other parts of the yard.

4. Humanely fence off animals from your garden
If you feel like your dog is hunting, then you will need to take humane measures to keep these stray animals out of the yard. You don’t want to kill them with anything toxic, because that can also harm the pets.

You can try something like a mixture of bell pepper to repel those pesky mice. This can keep them out of your yard and help prevent your dog’s digging behavior. You can also use fence-links or bury chicken wire at least six inches around to keep them out.

5. Praise the Good and Ignore the Bad dog by the pool and dog life jacket
If your dog is digging you for attention, you may want to play with him and take him for a walk at least twice a day. If you know that you are giving him enough attention, then you will want to look at other ways to prevent his fear. First, ignore his bad attention-seeking behavior and praise him a lot when he’s good. This will teach him that good behavior is what attracts the attention he so desperately wants. Make sure he has plenty of dog toys and spend time playing with them. Therefore, when you go out, you can leave the toys, it will connect them with you.

  1.  Make Sure His Environment Is Safe, Appealing, and Free of Escape Incentives

    If you think your dog is trying to escape, there are several steps to prevent this from happening. First of all, if your dog does not kill or run away and you do not want to train him, you should. This inhibits their natural desire to roam around in search of a wife. If you have or can’t because you have to train your dog, another thing that works well is to bury the chicken wire at the bottom of the fence. Make sure you wrap the ends of the yarn away from the floor. You can also bury some parts of large stones near the fence, because this will discourage him from digging around them. Another good method is to push the link fence along the bottom of the fence and place it on the ground near the fence. It will make it uncomfortable for your pet dog to approach him.

You can also bury the fence line about a foot or two underground. This makes it harder for your angry best friend to dig deep to escape.

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