A cat has been caught helping itself to Mom’s Hot Chocolate and the evidence is priceless

We couldn’t stop laughing after watching a video on TikTok of a cat caught in its owner’s unique drunken behavior. Apparently kitty didn’t realize she had evidence on her side after she left the crime scene. But his mother could gather the evidence easily. See what happened when he met the suspect. Little Trip actually tries to pull one over on his mother – but little does he know about Trip’s misdeeds. The footage shows a very guilty Tripp right after drinking a large amount of his mother’s liquor. “So someone used my hot chocolate, do you know who did it?” @tripp.e.toes can be heard saying off camera. Watch the video below and see if you could have solved the crime as quickly as this mother cat did.

“He looked me up and down and said, ‘I’m not a snitch,'” he joked in the caption. With more than 370,000 views, many people are willing to pay for Trip. “Nobody’s innocent! He’s trapped,” @dperry1122 joked. “I know it’s not very good!!” Accepted by @nicolejohnson086. “Well, apparently not that little, nice, innocent Tripp!! I mean, in all honesty, you have no proof!!” @carrie_bella added. “The way he looks you up and down and gives you the confidence to try it is exactly why I look at cats,” @lindseymurphy777 joked.